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Calhoun Point Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project            

St. Louis District

Pool 26, Upper Mississippi River, Miles 219 - 223, Calhoun County, Illinois, Congressional District: Illinois - 13


  • Ilinois Department of Natural Resources
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service 


Calhoun Point Fish and Wildlife Management Area is located in Calhoun County, Illinois, at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers.  The project area is bound by the right descending bank of the Illinois River, extending from river mile 2.2 to 3.25, and the left descending bank of the Mississippi River, extending from river mile 219 to 223, Navigation pool 26. The 2,157 acre project area is federally owned and managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources under a cooperative agreement through the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  It is a prime site for migrating waterfowl and a prime feeding area for herons from two nearby rookeries. Sedimentation since 1938 has resulted in the reduction of the water surface acreage from 600 acres to 450 acres.  Sedimentation has severely impacted deep water habitat.  This management area is a prime site for migrating waterfowl and a prime feeding area for herons from two nearby rookeries.

Quick Facts

  • Approximate Acres: 2150
  • Congressional District: Illinois - 13
  • State(s) Covered: IL
  • Land Ownership: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Management Agency: ILDNR
  • Management Authority: Cooperative Agreement


  • Provide a low elevation perimeter berm to substantially reduce sediment deposits from future flood events.
  • Construct low elevation interior berms.
  • Construct connecting water conveyance channels, swale blockages and selected deep water dredging.
  • Install gated water control structures to form four independent management units (i.e., a riverine fish unit, two wildlife units, and a combination fish/wildlife management unit).


  • The Definite Project Report was completed in June 1996.
  • Construction was initiated in 2003  and completed in 2006.
  • The Operation and Maintenance Manual was completed in April 2009.
  • The project has been turned over to the ILDNR for operation and maintenance in November 2011.
  • Performance monitoring continues.