Mississippi River Bank Stabilization Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

St. Paul District

Pools 5 - 10, Upper Mississippi River, Miles 619 - 719, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota




The primary resource problem is severe erosion occurring at many locations along the Mississippi River.  The loss of landmass and the associated increases in flow and/or sedimentation result in loss and shallowing of aquatic habitat in adjacent backwaters and adversely affect circulation patterns and water quality in the backwaters.

Quick Facts

  • Approximate Acres: 1100
  • Congressional District(s):
  • State(s) Covered: IA, WI, MN
  • Land Ownership: Federal
  • Management Agency: USFWS
  • Management Authority: Cooperative Agreement


  • Stabilization of a total of about 12,000 feet of riverbank.
  • Out of 55 potential stabilization sites, 12 sites were selected on the basis of the cost for habitat benefits gained, agency priorities, location, available funds, and construction considerations. 
  • Rockfill was used to stabilize the sites. Some limited dredging for access was also performed.
  • Sites selected for stabilization included two sites in pool  6, one site in pool 7, one site in pool 8, three sites in pool 9, and five sites in pool 10.


  • The Definite Project Report was completed August 1995.
  • Construction was initiated in June 1996 and completed in September 1999.