Finger Lakes Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

St. Paul District

Pool 5, Upper Mississippi River, Miles 751 - 753, Wabasha County, Minnesota, Congressional District: MN - 2




With construction of the Lock and Dam 4 dike, fresh water flows could only enter the Finger Lakes overland during high water.  This caused low dissolved oxygen conditions in the lakes at other times of the year, hampering fish productivity.  The Corps of Engineers installed a culvert through the dike in the 1960’s to provide flow to one of the lakes.  The other four lakes continued to experience periods of low dissolved oxygen during the summer and winter.


Quick Facts

  • Approximate Acres: 530
  • State(s) Covered: MN
  • Land Ownership: USFWS
  • Management Agency: USFWS
  • Management Authority: Refuge


  • Installation of three gated culverts in the Lock and Dam 4 dike to provide a maximum of 50 cubic feet per second of fresh water flow to each lake 


  • The Definite Project Report was completed in May 1990.
  • Construction was initiated in November 1992 and completed in July 1994.
  • The Operation and Maintenance Manual was completed in December 1994.
  • Performance monitoring continues.

Interactive Storymap