USACE has completed the feasibility report and has started the design phase. 


Listen to our biologists, foresters and natural resource managers discuss the proposed Reno Bottoms habitat restoration project.

Reno Bottoms Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project


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Mississippi River, Pool 9 River, Miles 671-682, Houston County, Minnesota, and Allamakee County, Iowa


  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin departments of natural resources


The selected plan would increase the quality and extent of floodplain forest habitat and expand fisheries overwintering habitat. Work would include forest management of 546 acres, elevation enhancement and forest management of 56 acres, construction of a partial closure at Ice Haul Slough inlet, and overwintering habitat creation over 27 acres. The selected plan addresses project objectives and would be 100% federally funded. This project was developed using a phased approach; a second phase would allow for the evaluation of different problems and opportunities in northern Reno Bottoms. The estimated cost is approximately $37 million.

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