Spring Lake Islands Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

St. Paul District


Natural islands along the west side of Spring Lake have eroded and many have disappeared since the creation of Pool 5.  Previously, these islands protected the lake from the effects of the main river channel and reduced wind fetch and the associated wave action. Loss of the islands is degrading the fish and wildlife habitat in the lake because of higher turbidity levels and undesirable conditions for aquatic plant beds. Quiet, protected areas are valuable for fish and wildlife habitat. Aquatic plant beds provide a valuable food source for migrating birds.

Quick Facts

  • Approximate Acres: 530
  • Congressional District: Wisconsin - 3
  • State(s) Covered: Wisconsin
  • Land Ownership: Federal
  • Management Agency: USFWS
  • Management Authority: Refuge


  • The Definite Project Report was completed in August 2003.
  • Construction was initiated in October 2004 and completed in July 2006.