Public Law 84-99 Program

Enrollment in the Public Law 84-99 (PL 84-99) program provides reimbursement for specific damages to levees that result from high-water events.

The program is a partnered solution to flood damage similar to hazard insurance that you may have on your house. The levee sponsor enrolls in the program and provides levee maintenance to a standard level that is acceptable to the Corps. This maintenance and proper operation of the levee prevents routine damages and reduces the possibility of levee failure.  In the case of severe flood-related levee damage to a properly maintained levee, the Corps provides post-damage assistance.

Responsibilities of the sponsor and the Corps are set out in the programmatic guidance documents.

Beginning in 2006, all Rock Island District Public Law 84-99 Levee sponsors have been given a copy of the Levee Owner’s Manual that documents procedures for inspection and continued participation in the Public Law 84-99 program.

Ratings given to a levee system as a result of Corps inspections, sometimes referred to as continuing eligibility inspections (CEI), are used to determine if a project is “active” in the Corps' Rehabilitation and Inspection Program (RIP).  Active levee systems are eligible for federal rehabilitation funds (authorized by Public Law 84-99) for damages as a result of a flood event. A levee system must maintain an Acceptable or Minimally Acceptable rating on 18 line items to remain active.

Districts work closely with respective project sponsors if a levee system  receives an overall rating of unacceptable to explain the deficiencies and help devise a plan to correct the deficiencies. The sponsor is placed in an inactive status until the corrections are made. The levee system remains eligible for flood fighting assistance, but not federal rehabilitation assistance. The respective Corps district will also notify the appropriate Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) region and state and local emergency management agencies of the inspection results.