Farm Creek Master Plan

Farm Creek Reservoir is in the process of creating a Master Plan. This water resource project does not have a master plan as required by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulation. A master plan will guide management of recreation and natural resources on USACE managed lands. The master plan determines land classifications which represent current land usage based on natural resource conditions, possible development intensities, possible facility needs and improvements, changes in the types of amenities, economic feasibility, topography, access, and compatibility of different land uses. The overriding authorized purpose is flood risk management and classifications will provide for opportunities for sustainability of natural resources and recreation while continuing to provide its intended purpose. 

The process began in March 2017 and completion is anticipated by the end of September 2017. Public input is important to the process and will be sought in a variety of ways including an online input form; written input via mail or email; a public scoping open house; and comments to draft or proposed plans. We want to know your vision for the future of Farm Creek's recreation and natural resources. To provide input and/or be added to an email list to receive updates and notifications please visit the website link at the right of this screen or contact the Illinois Waterway Visitor Center.

Master Plan Description

A Master Plan (MP) is a recreation, natural resource, and land-use management document.  Per Chapter 3 of Engineering Regulation1130-2-550 and Engineering Pamphlet 1130-2-550 Corps policy, it is the "...document that conceptually establishes and guides the orderly development, administration, maintenance, preservation, enhancement, and management of natural, cultural, and recreational resources of a Corps’ water resource project."  Despite what the name might suggest, it is not a plan for navigation (locks, dams and associated infrastructure for commercial barge traffic), flood risk management (such as levees in the PL84-99 Program), or water level management which have all been addressed in other guidance documents. 

Contact Information

Mailing Address

Illinois Waterway Visitor Center
Attn:  Master Plan
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