Here is a selection of programs offered by our staff. Activities can be scheduled at Lake Red Rock or at your school/facility.  We can also customize a program to meet your group's needs.

Bobber the Water Safety Dog
Bobber the Water Safety Dog is an fun loving pup that likes to play near the water, but you'll never catch him without his life jacket!  Bobber can help your students or families learn to be safe around the water too!  He can visit you at your local school or club, or you can schedule a visit with him at Lake Red Rock!   

Wildlife at Lake Red Rock
Learn about the many different animals that call the Lake Red Rock area their home! Students identify furs of area mammals and discuss their various adaptations used for survival.  The children may also have the opportunity to meet a live black rat snake! 

Wetland Exploration
Go "mucking" at one of Lake Red Rock's ponds to learn about the diversity of wetland communities.  Students will work in teams with dip nets and identification guides to help them discover the plants and animals living in near the pond.

Let's Go Birding!
Take a journey along a campground trail on a quest for Red Rock's winged wonders!  Enjoy spotting birds and learn some of the basics of identifying them in the field by sight and sound.

 "Build An Eagle"
Lake Red Rock is known for the large numbers of bald eagles that spend their winters feeding and roosting below the dam and surrounding area.  After watching a 15 minute eagle DVD (partially filmed in the Red Rock area), students transform a classmate or teacher into an eagle while learning about the birds' special adaptations.  This comical activity is a fun way to discuss the importance of our nation's symbol!

Water Safety
Be safe on the water year-round!  Students and participants of all ages learn the importance of wearing life jackets through hands-on activities such as the "Life Jacket Relay" and "Sink Fast."  The activity can be presented in either a classroom, outdoor or pool setting.

Experience the "Enviroscape"
Using a special model called the "Enviroscape," students learn about what watersheds are and how they work, how erosion effects lakes and rivers, and how chemicals and toxins can affect water quality.  Participants then work together to find solutions to improve and protect watersheds, such as creating terraces, utilizing grass strips, planting trees, using less fertilizer and pesticides, etc.

Beginning Orienteering
Students learn the basics of how to use a compass and practice setting and following "bearings" during a hands-on activity.

Wildflower Walks (mid-April/early May)
Take a hike in search of the spring jewels of the woodlands!  Join a park ranger for a leisurely walk along a nature trail and learn to identify the many species of spring wildflowers along the way. 

To schedule a program for your group, please call Lake Red Rock at (641) 828-7522.