Firewood and Mulch Permits

Firewood and Mulch Permit Status (updated January 2022):  Only cut wood in South Tailwater and driftwood permits are available at this time.

Firewood and mulch permits are available through an online permit process.  To view the online application form and maps of the woodcutting areas, please see the links on the left side of this webpage. 


Wood permits are free of charge. Firewood and driftwood are available for personal use only and not for resale.  These permits are valid for two months. Firewood cutting areas are located in South Tailwater Recreation Area, Whitebreast Beach, North Overlook Beach, and the Black Forest off of HWY S-71. People interested in obtaining permits are encouraged to visit the woodcutting sites before applying for a permit to ensure the availability of wood at the location in which they want to cut.


Driftwood permits are valid for two months and are also free of charge. Permittee may only access driftwood via established access points and driftwood can only be taken from USACE managed grounds.  Please see the Driftwood map link on the left side of the webpage for collection locations.


Mulch Permits are available free of charge and are valid for two months. Availability and locations of wood chips varies widely throughout the year. There is no maximum for the amount of wood chips that can be taken. Please contact the administrative office at (641) 828-7522 for location and availability of wood chips.

To Obtain a Permit

Download and save the application form to your computer first, then complete the application form and email it to  Lake Red Rock staff will then contact you to finalize the permit and provide you with a copy of the completed document.  Permittees will need to carry a copy of the permit while cutting wood or gathering mulch.  If you have any additional questions or special requests (i.e. use of a skidloader or other equipment), please include them in your email.  Requests will be approved or denied at the discretion of Park Ranger staff.

**Each permittee is limited to four large or eight small truck loads per year at available wood gathering locations.**