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Status of Recreation Facilities 

Updated on May 20, 2020

Any closed areas will be bolded.


Activity Recreation Area Status
Trails Volksweg Trail Open 
  North Overlook Nature Trail Open 
  Stu Kuyper Nature Trail Open 
  Howell Station Prairie Trail Partial Closure due to hydropower project
  Eagle Lair Loop Trail Open
  Playscape Trail Open 




Campgrounds Howell Station Campground Opening June 1st 
  North Overlook Campground Opening June 1st)
  Wallashuck Campground Opening June 1st 
  Whitebreast Campground Opening June 1st 
  Ivans Campground Opening June 1st 
  Hickory Ridge Wilderness Campground Opening June 1st 




Boat Ramps Howell Station Landing Open (no restrooms/facilities)
  South Overlook Ramp Open (no restrooms/facilities)
  Marina Cove Ramp Open (no restrooms/facilities)
  Whitebreast Ramp Open (no restrooms/facilities)




Recreation/Shelter     North Overlook Picnic Area Closed Until Further Notice
  South Overlook Rec. Area Open (restrooms and shelters closed)
  North Tailwater Rec. Area Closed due to hydropower project
  South Tailwater Rec. Area Open (restrooms and shelters closed)
  Whitebreast Rec. Area Open (restrooms, beach and shelters closed)
Campground opening June 1st (dependent on latest
COVID-19 status)
  Fifield Rec. Area Open (restrooms and shelters closed)




Beaches Whitebreast Beach Closed Until Further Notice
  North Overlook Beach Closed Until Further Notice




Other Red Rock Visitor Center and Project Office      Closed Until Further Notice