Shoreline Management Plan Revision

The US Army Corps of Engineers Rock Island District is Seeking Public Input on the Mississippi River Shoreline Management Plan Review

The Corps is working on a revision to the Mississippi River Shoreline Management Plan and is continuing to seek public input. The Plan addresses policies pertaining to private development and use of Corps owned property. In 1989, the plan was completed and implemented as guidance for the management and protection of the Mississippi River’s shoreline. The plan also outlines conditions and restrictions of private use. Private use involves the placing of private recreational structures such as boat docks, pathways, or pursuing particular activities on Corps property (i.e. mowing).

Public input is critical throughout the revision process and can be provided through online input forms, by email or mail. This is not a document to address Navigation, Channel Maintenance, or Flood Risk Management.

For additional information, please visit, or to submit input contact the Mississippi River Project Office by mail at: Attn: Shoreline Plan, PO Box 534 Pleasant Valley, IA 52767; by email:

1989 Shoreline Management Plan

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