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Contracts Currently Open with the Mississippi River Project-None at this time

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Service contracts for recreation services (and all open contracts for the Corps of Engineers) will be posted to the following website as soon as they become available.

  • To find contracts for our project - Select the state in which you would like to search.
  • Then click on the search box next to Agency and type in "Department of the Army/U.S. Army Corps of Engineers".
  • Then click on the Search button

If you have any questions please feel free to email us or call us at 309-794-4595.




Recreation Area  Location  Position  Additional Information
Bulger's Hollow Clinton, IA  Volunteer Host Click Here
Mississippi River Visitor Center Rock Island, IL Visitor Center Volunteer Click Here

For more information on volunteering opportunities with the Mississippi River Project, please feel free to email us or call us at 309-794-4526.