Restoration Tools

Prescribed Fire

What is a prescribed burn? A prescribed burn is a planned fire, conducted by trained professionals, used to achieve specific natural resource objectives. Many types of plants and wildlife need fire to survive.  Periodic fire stimulates growth, helps reproduction of plants, provides wildlife habitat, and ensures healthier natural areas around the lake.

Safety is the number one concern during all prescribed burns. Well before a match is struck, the fire team considers the safety of people, property, and the natural areas they are managing. Burn plans are a critical component of the safety of each burn. They outline where the prescribed burn will start and end and define the weather conditions in which a safe burn can be completed.

Herbicide Application

Herbicide Application can be an effective method to control invasive species. Natural Resource managers at Lake Red Rock use different application methods and rates dependent on target species, time of year, and the condition of the site. Just as with burning, safety is our number one priority while applying herbicide. All of our applicators are certified through the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. 

Shrub and Tree Mulching and Girdling

Ever notice that some of the trees around Lake Red Rock have chainsaw rings around the base? This practice is known as girdling and it is intended to kill the tree over a period of time.  Trees that are girdled are often not mass producers and don’t provide a great benefit to the native ecosystem, but while the tree is dying, it provides critical habitat to bats and other wildlife.