The Design Branch provides full-service professional engineering and design support to a wide range of customers including Operations Division, other Corps Districts, other Federal agencies, and state and local government partners.  Engineering services are provided in civil, environmental, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural disciplines.  Design support is provided across a workload of civil works and military facilities with primary focus on inland navigation locks and dams, ecosystem restoration, flood risk management and military facilities renovation. 
The Structural Section provides design and engineering investigations for civil works structures including navigation locks and dams, canal walls, floodwalls, pump stations, water control structures and for a variety of military facilities.  The section is also responsible for the District’s bridge inspection program and section engineers serve on national structural disaster response cadres.
The Project Engineering Section provides civil design and engineering management for civil and military projects including navigation locks and dams, flood risk management projects, recreational projects, utility relocations, roadways and parking lots.  The section engineers also serve as the technical team leads on large multi-discipline projects. 
The General Engineering Section provides architectural, electrical and mechanical design and engineering support for pump stations, navigation lock and dam operating machinery, flood control dam gates, HVAC and a variety of civil and military facilities rehabilitation and remodeling projects. The section also coordinates the FERC hydropower program for requests to modify existing facilities to install hydroelectric power generation.  The section serves as the District’s lead for support to the Rock Island Arsenal and the 88th Reserve Readiness Command.
The Environmental Engineering Section provides environmental design and engineering support to a wide range of environmental, ecosystem restoration and Hazardous Toxic Radioactive Waste remediation projects involving contaminated soils, lead based paint assessments, asbestos abatement, and other hazardous materials. The section also oversees the District’s environmental compliance reviews and provides guidance during construction when contaminated soils are encountered.

Engineering and Construction Division
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