The Corps' Rock Island District employs world class professionals that provide planning, engineering, design and construction support for the District's mission areas.

Contracting provides acquisition and contract administration services as required for construction, architect/engineer, service, and supply contract requirements in support of assigned missions for the Rock Island District and its regional and national customers.

Corporate Communications
Corporate Commuincations is the main point of contact for the Rock Island District. It is responsible for ensuring that the public is informed about the District's activities and about the priorities of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Emergency Management
Emergency Management ensures District emergency preparedness through flood system inspections, response team readiness, customer participation and continuous planning and process improvement.

Engineering and Construction
Engineering and Construction provides engineering and architectural analysis, contract administration, quality assurance, construction management, technical services, and designs for the construction, operations, maintenance and remediation of a wide range of water resource, infrastructure and military projects to our District customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Equal Employment Opportunity
Manages and directs the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment Programs for the Commander, USACE.

Inland Navigation Design Center (INDC)
The Inland Navigation Design Center Mandatory Center of Expertise (INDC) provides engineering, design, analysis and review services for studies, new locks, new navigation dams, major rehabilitation of existing inland navigation locks and dams, and significant inland navigation lock and dam operations and maintenance projects. The INDC promotes quality design, and consistency in design and technical competency. 

The Logistics Management Office provides supplies, property accountability, maintenance and transportation services, and facilities as required to successfully support the District's mission.

Office of Counsel
The Office of Counsel provides accurate, clear, responsive, and timely legal advice and services to the Commander and staff of the Rock Island District to support the District’s mission.

Operations Division
Operations Division provides operation, maintenance and environmental stewardship of our District projects in order to provide navigation, flood risk management, recreation, natural resource management, and water supply benefits/opportunities to the people and industry of this region.

Programs and Project Management
The Programs and Project Management Division provides resource analysis, evaluation, and management services to satisfy a wide spectrum of water resource needs and goals, support to military missions and other requested support for our District customers, partners, and stakeholders.

Real Estate
The Real Estate Division coordinates all real estate actions for the Rock Island District and advises the District Commander all on all real Estate matters.  They provides real estate information, products, and services for the acquisition, management, and disposal of lands and facilities under its jurisdiction for the Nation.

Resource Management
The Resource Management Office provides quality, accurate, reliable, and timely services to our customers through providing financial analysis and information, resource and reference material, properly maintaining District financial records, and providing District support to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and serve as a model for other Corps Districts.

Safety & Occupational Health
The Safety Office provides safety services and safety program management to ensure that our District provides a safe and healthy environment for its employees, contractors, and the public.

Small Business
Developing small businesses and maximizing their opportunities to participate in our procurements, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers to support the Corps of Engineers’ mission and strengthen the nation’s economic development.