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Mississippi River between Missouri River & Minneapolis

Published March 8, 2019

Mississippi River Operations Manager
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Mississippi River Between Missouri River and Minneapolis

The project consists of a 314-river-mile reach of 9-foot commercial navigation channel from Guttenberg, Iowa, downstream to Saverton, Missouri. It includes 14 locks and 11 dams (L/Ds) at 12 sites from Lock 11 to Lock 22. The navigable portions of this river and the locks and dams that allow waterway traffic to move from one pool to another are integral parts of a regional, national and international transportation network. Recreation facilities include 25 public recreation areas and the Visitor Center located at Locks & Dam 15. 

The system is significant for certain key exports and the Nation's balance of trade. More than 580 manufacturing facilities, terminals and docks ship and receive goods on the Upper Mississippi River Basin.  Annually, the regional project generates an estimated $3 billion of transportation cost savings compared to overland methods. FY18 recreation fee receipts and lease revenues were $1.5M; with regional economic impacts estimated at $100M with 3.5M visits.

Project in operation.

OM - Operations and Maintenance
River and Harbors Act of 1927 & 1930

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  N/A
Estimated Non-Federal Cost  N/A 
Estimated Total Project Cost  N/A 
Allocations Prior to FY 2019  N/A 
FY 2019 Allocation  $71,169,000 
FY 2019 Total Capability  $71,169,000 

Major Work Item Current Year
FY 2019: 
Funds will be used for operation and maintenance of twelve L/D sites and the project office; fleet management support service; dredging, dredged material disposal; water control; periodic inspection; dam safety; and real estate management. Funds will also be used for operation and maintenance of day-use and overnight recreation areas, facilities and features. These funds support recreation program management and public visitation as well as functions that support recreation management by other lessees, agencies and partners. Funds will also be used for stewardship activities to protect the health, sustainability and integrity of the public lands associated with the project. These activities include natural resource management practices, environmental evaluation and reviews, shoreline protection, cultural resource investigations, and continuing endangered species responsibilities with USFWS.

Non routine items include: 

  • Repair L/D 15 Lower Guide Wall
  • Replace Life Safety Guard Rail at Multiple Sites
  • Dewater L/Ds 11 and 18
  • Repair L/D 15 Dam Service Bridge
  • Phase I of Mississippi River Project Office Master Plan

Items continuing and/or completing include:

  • Procurement of Miter Gates for L/Ds 12 and 15 
  • Repair Dam 18 Concrete 
  • Replace Lock 19 Guard Gate
  • Repair Concrete Monoliths at L/D 17 
  • Repair L/D 20 Structural Support Beam and Anchorage System 
  • Install Relief Wells at L/Ds 11 
  • Repair L/D 21 Dam Tainter and Roller Gates 
  • Repair L/D 11 Tainter Gate Chains
  • Repair L/D 22 Dam