Rock Island District Public Notices

RiverStone Group, Inc. (CEMVR-OD-P-2020-1283)

Rock Island District
Published Sept. 29, 2020
Expiration date: 10/28/2020

The applicant is proposing to fill approximately two (2) acres of open water on the Mississippi River. This will be done by building a 650-foot-long sheet pile wall and backfilling from the wall to the bank with sand and gravel. Part of the fill will include a concrete filled deadman anchor in order to provide lateral support to the structure. Due to shallow bedrock, driving the sheet pile to full embedment to achieve adequate toe support is not possible. As such, the toe of the wall will be secured using anchor pins drilled into the bedrock. Prior to placement a trench will be excavated in the riverbed material to the top of the bedrock. This trench will be backfilled with Tremie concrete. The primary purpose of the project is to provide a new docking facility for barges at the Moline Sand and Gravel Terminal. The existing docking facility has been in service for over 100 years and has had continued structural repairs which are no longer viable.