Rock Island District Public Notices

Concise Earth (CEMVR-RD-2022-43)

Rock Island District
Published Feb. 16, 2022
Expiration date: 4/6/2022

The applicant proposes to construct a new 138-acre residential development, Marion AircomPark, south of Cedar Rapids. A road crossing to the north of the existing impoundment is proposed to permanently impact 0.40 acres of emergent wetland, Area 1. The applicant has stated that the impoundment would be drained, and the previously inundated wetlands are expected to re-establish. The Corps considers the draining of these wetlands a conversion from one type of water to another, which would result in a loss of aquatic resources. The wetlands in Area 5 measure 5.74 acres. It is not clear from the drawings provided how large the impoundment is or what will be permanently impacted (Area 2 and/or Area 5) but this will be required to be provided prior to final permit issuance to determine applicable compensatory mitigation.