Rock Island District Public Notices

River Development Holdings, LLC (CEMVR-RD-2021-1206)

Rock Island District
Published June 21, 2022
Expiration date: 7/5/2022

The purpose of this proposed project is to provide an area for the William E. Lawson towboat to anchor outside of Island City Harbor, creation of two fleeting areas, and an area to complete tow work. The attached drawings depict applicants plans for this proposal:

-Drawing 1 of 5 – Overview Map
-Drawing 2 of 5 – North Fleet Details
-Drawing 3 of 5 – Tow Work Details
-Drawing 4 of 5 – South Fleet Details
-Drawing 5 of 5 – Dock Barge and Dredging Details

a. North Fleeting Area: Located on the left descending bank below Hwy 54 Bridge approximate RM 537.8. The applicant proposes to relocate their current “temporary fleeting area” to this proposed location, due to deeper water at the proposed location. The fleeting area would have 4 Pile Clusters to hold up to 8 barges each, encompassing an area of 150 feet x 500 feet at each cluster.

b. Tow Work Area: The proposal is to place two 30-feet diameter mooring cells near the Sabula Light on left descending bank at river mile 536.4, to aid line boats with barge work.

c. South Fleeting Area: This proposal is located along the right descending bank below the railroad bridge approximate river mile is 535.0. The fleeting area would have two Pile Clusters to hold up to eight barges each, encompassing an area of 150 feet x 500 feet at each cluster.
CEMVR-RD-2021-1206 Lawson Marine Services

d. Dock Barge & Dredging: The proposal at river mile 535, along the left descending bank, below the railroad bridge, is to install an access ramp, a spud barge, and install a 550 linear foot dock wall. The area proposed to be dredged is approximately 550 feet long by 100 feet wide, at the widest point (see attachments). The dredging is proposed to be done by clamshell, with all material deposited in an upland on Lawson-owned land.