Rock Island District Public Notices

Lee County Horizontal Directional Drill Anhydrous Ammonia Pipeline (Public Notice ID #2022-0038)

Rock Island District
Published March 23, 2023
Expiration date: 4/22/2023

Interested parties are hereby notified that an application has been received for a Department of the Army Section 408 permission for certain work at or near a federally-authorized flood risk management project of the United States, as described below and shown on attached figures. Written comments are being solicited from anyone having an interest in the requested alteration. Comments providing substantive information or a rationale for the commenter’s position are the most helpful. All comments supporting, opposing, or identifying concerns the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) should consider in its decisions process are welcome. Comments will become part of the USACE administrative record and will be considered in determining whether to approve the request.

REQUESTER: In compliance with 33 USC 408 (Section 14 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899; hereinafter Section 408), NuStar Energy, L.P. has requested permission to modify the Green Bay Levee District No. 2, an existing federally-authorized local flood protection project.

LOCATION: The proposed project will extend from an existing pipeline southwest of Fort Madison, Iowa to a fertilizer production plant near Wever, Iowa. A portion of the project will involve Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) the pipeline under Lost Creek and the Green Bay Levee in Lee County, IA.

REQUESTER’S PROPOSED ACTION: The proposed project would include construction of a pipeline that will transport anhydrous ammonia. The project will involve horizontal directional drilling a 6” pipeline under Lost Creek and the Green Bay Levee. The approximately 14-mile-long pipeline will deliver anhydrous ammonia at approximately 40 tons per hour. The pipeline will be constructed of welded metal with a nominal diameter of 6.625” and a maximum allowable operating pressure of 1480 psi.

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