Rock Island District Public Notices

City of West Des Moines (CEMVR-RD-2023-1513)

Rock Island District
Published Dec. 5, 2023
Expiration date: 1/5/2024

Project Location: The proposed project is located between Wendover Lane to Grand Prairie Parkway for a total of 1.2 miles in Sections 9, 10, 16, Township 78 North, Range 26 West, Dallas County, Iowa in West Des Moines, Lat 41.5684, Lon -93.8462.

Project Description:
A. The Applicant has proposed to construct a new alignment of EP True Parkway between Wendover Lane to Grand Prairie Parkway for 1.2 miles. The new 4-lane road will cross wetlands and streams and will involve the following structures:

1) At Sta. 253+35, two twin 208-foot by 72-inch RCP culverts will be placed in an unnamed tributary of Fox Creek.
2) At Sta. 256+97 a single 192-foot by 8-foot by 7-foot RCB culvert will be placed in Fox Creek.
3) At Sta. 262+41 and 262+29, two 152-foot by 65-inch by 40-inch RCAP culverts will cross an unnamed tributary of Fox Creek

The purpose of the project is to provide utility and transportation infrastructure south of Interstate 80 and to provide a continuous connection of EP True Parkway across the City of West Des Moines.

B. The following was done to avoid unnecessary wetland impacts through the design process:

1) Wetland 3 is located within a north/south drainageway close to the Wendover Road alignment. From an engineering design perspective, it would be impossible to avoid impacts to Wetland 3 and still use the Wendover Road ROW.
2) Wetland 4 and WUS-1 are in a north/south drainageway that connects to three off-site ponds. The EP True Parkway alignment was shifted as far north at this location as possible to avoid impacts to the three off-site ponds and the intermittent/perennial segments of WUS-1 which are likely located south of the project area. By shifting the alignment north, the road impacted the headwaters of the channel rather than larger more established features downgradient.
3) The proposed alignment avoided impacts to Pond 1.
4) All necessary best management practices will be used to reduce and minimize erosion and sedimentation into streams during the construction process.

C. This project will result in impacts to 1.87 acres of emergent wetland and 490 linear feet of streams. To compensate for these losses, the Applicant has proposed to purchase credits at a 1:1 ratio from an approved wetland mitigation bank in the service area of the impacts. The Applicant has also proposed to purchase 1715 stream credits for the loss of 490 linear feet of streams.

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