Rock Island District Public Notices

Heath Delzell (CEMVR-RD-2024-0455)

Rock Island District
Published May 16, 2024
Expiration date: 6/14/2024

Project Location: Lake Keomah State Park, Lake Keomah within Section 13, Township 75 North, Range 15 West Mahaska County, Iowa Latitude 41.2939, Longitude -92.5394.

Project Description:

A. Nature of Activity: This project consists of mechanical dredging 132,600 cubic yards of deposited spoil and native soils within Lake Keomah. Dredged material will be removed from the lake, deposited on an adjacent upland location, and permanently stabilized with vegetation. Rock fish habitat will be placed in the lake bottom. Two fishing jetties will be constructed from lakebed material and armored with stone revetment. Three areas of unprotected shoreline are actively eroding, totaling 3,764 linear feet. These areas will be armored with rock revetment. Four areas of previously armored shoreline have degraded, totaling 6,199 linear feet. These areas will have new rock added. A single panel of the north boat ramp has cracked and will be replaced. The south boat ramp parking and ramp will be removed and replaced with new concrete pavement that meets ADA requirements. A granular-surfaced trail will also be constructed along the north shoreline of Lake Keomah. Total impacts to Lake Keomah from the result of fill being added for riprap and boat ramp will be .13-acres.

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