Emergency Readiness and Response

Emergency Readiness and Response
Public Law 84-99

Preparedness Assistance:
Preparedness planning activities allow the Corps of Engineers to take the necessary steps to maintain a knowledgeable and experienced work force that is available for responding to natural and man-made disasters. These planning activities include writing plans, developing training, participating in exercises, maintaining adequate response supplies, and execution of an inspection program for flood damage reduction structures in the rehabilitation program. The Corps provides preparedness assistance by:

  • Participation in planning workshops and exercises when requested by state or local officials
  • Inspection of flood damage reduction structures in the Public Law 84-99 rehabilitation program, and advisement to local officials of needed maintenance.
  • Technical assistance for development of plans at the state and local levels.

Response and Recovery Assistance:
The Corps of Engineers is authorized to provide emergency assistance for flood response, under Public Law 84-99. During a flood event, emergency assistance can be requested from the Corps by the State, to sup­plement state and local efforts. Assistance can be in the form of technical assistance or direct assist­ance, and will be used to project life and improved property such as critical infrastructure, residen­tial areas, and public facilities.

Advanced measures may be used prior to flooding or flood fighting activities to protect against loss of life or infrastructure.

Technical Assistance:

  • Providing technical expertise for guidance on flood fight techniques and emergency construction methods
  • Providing technical expertise for inspection of existing flood protection projects or dams to identify prob­lem areas and recommend corrective actions
  • Providing hydraulic or hydrologic analysis, geotechnical evaluations, topography and stream data, maps and historic flood or storm information

Direct Assistance:

  • Issuance of flood fight supplies and loan of equipment, such as sandbags, polyethylene sheeting, and flood pumps.
  • Directing flood fighting operations.
  • Contingency contracting.

All flood fight equipment and supplies are to be returned in the condition it was lent, replaced in-kind, or reimbursement made to the Corps.

Following a flood event a levee sponsor can request recovery assistance for a project that is currently eligible in the Corps’ rehabilitation program. Damage must exceed items of normal project maintenance and must have a repair cost of more than $15,000. This assistance can be requested by formal letter to the Rock Island District.

How to Request Information:
Contact the Rock Island District’s Emergency Management Division at (309) 794-5325 or (309) 794-5230.