Section 208
Clearing and Snagging of Waterways

Section 208 of the Flood Control Act of 1954, as amended

What the Corps of Engineers Can Do:
In the interest of flood control, the Corps of Engineers can conduct clearing, snagging, or channel excavation. Limited embankment construction can be provided by utilizing the materials from the cleaning operation.

Study Process:
The Feasibility phase to determine Federal interest and viability of the project is normally limited to 12 months. The Feasibility phase is 100% Federally funded up to $100,000, with costs over $100,000 shared equally with the non-Federal sponsor. Design and Implementation phase follows Feasibility and is cost shared at 65% Federal and 35% non-Federal. Each project is limited to a total Federal cost of $500,000. This Federal limitation includes all project-related costs for planning, engineering, construction, and supervision and administration.

Responsibility of Project Sponsor:
Formal assurance in the form of a Project Partnership Agreement must be executed with the project sponsor. The Corps of Engineers would oversee project construction; however, once completed, the operation and maintenance of the project would be the responsibility of the project sponsor. The sponsor must contribute 35 percent of the total project implementation cost as cash (5% minimum) or Lands, Easements, Rights-of-way, Relocations, and Disposal areas (LERRDs). If the value of the LERRDs plus the cash contribution does not equal or exceed 35 percent of the project cost, the sponsor must pay the additional amount necessary so that the sponsor’s total contribution equals 35 percent of the project cost.

How to Request Assistance:
An investigation of a prospective clearing and snagging project under Section 208 can be initiated upon receipt of a request from a sponsoring agency empowered under State law to provide local partnership.

Project requests should be directed to (309) 794-5690.