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Welcome to Saylorville Lake

Saylorville Lake is located on the Des Moines River in central Iowa, just north of the city of Des Moines. In addition to providing flood control, this 26,000 acre project fulfills a truly multipurpose role. The reservoir provides a minimum downstream river flow for water supply and water quality during drought periods. Park Rangers actively manage the natural resources, conserving river, woodland, wetland, and prairie habitats. Saylorville staff, volunteers and contractors take pride in offering quality outdoor recreation including camping, boating, fishing, hiking, biking, wildlife watching and more.

Since placed in operation in 1977, it is estimated that by reducing the flows of the Des Moines River below the lake, the reservoir has prevented approximately $181,932,300 in additional flood damages.

Come and explore the treasures of Saylorville Lake and rejuvenate your spirit!


Latest News

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