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General or District Wide Public Notices 
Expires  Subject 
 06/05/2014  CWA Interpretive Rule For 404(f)(1)(A)
 07/07/2014 Reopening of Comment Period for CWA Interpretive Rule For 404(f)(1)(A) 
07/21/2014   CWA Proposed Rule For Definition of Waters of the U.S.
 10/20/2014 Comment Period Extension for the CWA Proposed Rule for Definition of Waters of the U.S.
 01/01/2015 2014 Annual Update National Wetland Plant List
 07/12/2014 USACE
 County Notice Number Issue-Expires (Year) Applicant
Marshall  2014-724 07/16-08/14 (2014) Midwest Foundation Leasing Corporation
 Tazewell 2014-829 07/17-08/15 (2014) NRG Energy, Midwest Generation
 Winnebago 2013-1182 07/07-08/05 2014 Winnebago Reclamation Service, Inc.
County  Notice Number Issue-Expires (year) Applicant
 Lee 2014-0845 07/22-08/11 (2014) City of Fort Madison
 Polk 2014-921 07/21-08/19 (2014) TSG Ankeny, L.L.C.
 Polk 2014-760 07/09-08/7 (2014)

Microsoft Corporation

 County Notice Number Issue-Expires (year) Applicant