Lake Red Rock Master Plan

Lake Red Rock is the largest piece of contiguous public land and waters in the State of Iowa. This presents significant opportunity for natural resources and public recreation. A new Master Plan for Lake Red Rock has been developed with significant public input, and it was finalized in 2015.  This Master Plan creates the vision for stewardship of Lake Red Rock’s natural and cultural resources while improving, expanding or developing new recreation opportunities. The previous version of the Master Plan was last revised in 1976 and served as a guide for the recreation development and management of natural resource over the last four decades. The new guide provides the framework for Lake Red Rock’s future environmental and recreation missions. The plan considers current and future public needs, ecosystem management and Federal environmental laws and regulations. The Master Plan is a land use management document and does not address water management operations, associated water management facilities (dam, levees, etc), or shoreline management. These are addressed in separate documents. The vision of the Lake Red Rock Master Plan has three main focus areas: Sustainable Environment, A Natural Place to Play; and Connections. These focus areas provide management concepts for environmental stewardship of environmentally sensitive areas and other lands; existing and expanded recreation facilities; and connections between people and nature.