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Backlog of Maintenance - Major Rehabilitation and Major Maintenance – Mississippi River & Illinois Waterway Locks And Dams

The Major Rehabilitation and Major Maintenance Program for the Locks and Dams on the Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway has been ongoing since 1975. Major rehabilitation consists of reliability or efficiency improvements.
Published: 2/5/2019

Dam Safety Program

ContactDam Safety Program Manager (309) Island District,
Published: 2/5/2019

Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) - Overview

The Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) evaluates and identifies preferred alternative dredged material placement site(s) using a six-step planning process and, where applicable, a matrix with six evaluation criteria: dredging cost; natural resources; beneficial use of dredged material; recreational resources; cultural resources; and social impacts.
Published: 2/5/2019

East 2nd Street, Rock Falls, Il - CAP Section 14

The river bank is very steep at this location, and the concerns are that additional movement of the bank will not only affect the safe passage of vehicles on E. 2nd Street, but may also affect the operations of the Sinnissippi Dam, which is a source of hydroelectric power. An opportunity exists to protect the bank and prevent damages to the public infrastructure.
Published: 2/5/2019

Emergency Response/Recovery Actions - Overview

The Rock Island District is prepared to provide all hazard response and recovery assistance under the authority of Public Law (PL) 84-99 and PL 93-288.
Published: 2/5/2019

Farm Creek, Illinois

The project includes two dry reservoirs (Fondulac and Farmdale) located on tributary streams to the Illinois Waterway upstream of Peoria, Illinois, providing flood control for East Peoria, Illinois.
Published: 2/5/2019

Floodplain Management Services (FPMS)

The Floodplain Management Services (FPMS) Program provides a full range of technical services and planning guidance in support of effective floodplain management and flood risk reduction.
Published: 2/5/2019

Greater Peoria Sanitary District - CAP Section 205

The Greater Peoria Sanitary District (GPSD) is interested in determining and implementing flood risk management measures that will help mitigate future flood damages.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois River Basin Restoration (sec 519,WRDA 2000)

Section 519 of WRDA 2000 authorized: (1) Comprehensive Plan to develop and implement a restoration program, long-term resource monitoring program, and evaluate new technologies and innovative approaches, and (2) construction of critical restoration projects.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois Waterway

The project includes a total of 268 river miles of 9-foot commercial navigation channel from Chicago to LaGrange Lock and Dam, near Beardstown, Illinois; with 8 locks and 7 dams.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois Waterway Maintenance Dredging Operations & Maintenance

In order to maintain the 9-foot navigation channel, maintenance dredging is performed at various locations in the reach of the Illinois Waterway in the Rock Island District.
Published: 2/5/2019

LaGrange Lock, Illinois Waterway (Major Rehabilitation/Major Maintenance)

LaGrange Lock, located on the Illinois Waterway at river mile 80.2, was put into service in 1939 and is in need of a major rehabilitation of lock concrete, electrical and mechanical systems.
Published: 2/5/2019

Levee Safety Program

Levee systems are part of our nation’s landscape and important to communities because of the benefits they provide.
Published: 2/5/2019

Mississippi River between Missouri River & Minneapolis

The project consists of a 314-river-mile reach of 9-foot commercial navigation channel from Guttenberg, Iowa, downstream to Saverton, Missouri.
Published: 2/5/2019

Mississippi River Maintenance Dredging (Operations & Maintenance)

In order to maintain the 9-foot navigation channel, maintenance dredging is performed at various locations in the reach of the Upper Mississippi River in the Rock Island District.
Published: 2/5/2019

Mobile Information Collection Application Illinois Demonstration Project (MICA) - Phases I & II (SJ/FPMS)

This Silver Jackets pilot project has been establishing a standard operating procedure (SOP) to provide the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and the Department of Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources (IDNR-OWR) personnel log-in access to MICA (mobile information collection application) and a way to use the multiple districts within Illinois MICA streams.
Published: 2/5/2019

National Flood Fight Materiel Center - Overview

Under authority of Public Law 84-99, during flood emergencies the Corps of Engineers may provide tribal, state and local communities with flood fight supplies and equipment.
Published: 2/5/2019

National Levee Database

The National Levee Database (NLD), developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), is the focal point for comprehensive information about our nation's levees.
Published: 2/5/2019

Planning Assistance to States and Tribes

The Planning Assistance to States and Tribes (PAS&T) Program provides States, counties, local communities and Indian tribes with planning level assistance in addressing a water resources issues and planning needs.
Published: 2/5/2019

Regional Flood Risk Management

In recent years, the Upper Mississippi River watershed has experienced more frequent flooding with higher stages, particularly in the last ten years with major floods occurring in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014.
Published: 2/5/2019

Repairs to Levee Systems/Flood Control Projects - Policy

Corps of Engineers policy regarding repairs to levee systems and flood control projects damaged by floods.
Published: 2/5/2019

Section 1135 Projects (Project Modifications for Improvements to the Environment) - Overview

Section 1135 of the 1986 Water Resources Development Act, as amended, provides authority for the Corps of Engineers to determine the need for project modifications in the structures and operations of existing Corps of Engineers projects for the purpose of improving the environment in the public interest.
Published: 2/5/2019

Section 204 Overview

Section 204 of the 1992 Water Resources Development Act, as amended, provides authority for the Corps of Engineers to restore, protect, and create aquatic and wetland habitats in connection with construction or maintenance dredging of an authorized navigation project.
Published: 2/5/2019

Section 205 Overview

Section 205, small flood risk management program provides support for local flood risk management by the construction or improvement of structural or non-structural flood risk management measures.
Published: 2/6/2019

Section 206 Overview

Section 206 of the 1996 Water Resources Development Act, as amended, provides authority for the Secretary to carry out an aquatic ecosystem restoration and protection project.
Published: 2/6/2019

Section 408 Program

The Section 14 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899 and codified in 33 USC 408 (commonly referred to as “Section 408”) authorizes the Secretary of the Army, on the recommendation of the Chief of Engineers of the US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps), to grant permission for the alteration or occupation or use of a civil works project provided the Secretary determines that the activity will not be injurious to the public interest and will not impair the usefulness of the project.
Published: 2/6/2019

Shoreline Management on Mississippi River

In 1989, the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) was developed and implemented as guidance for the management, protection and preservation of the Mississippi River's environment, while allowing a balanced use of the shoreline.
Published: 2/6/2019

Small Boat Harbors

All small boat harbor projects have a local sponsor, usually a municipality.
Published: 2/6/2019

UMRR Program - IL, IA, MO, MN, WI - Upper Mississippi River Restoration

The UMRR Program was authorized by the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1986 and continuously authorized by WRDA 99.The program consists of two primary elements: habitat rehabilitation projects, and systemic monitoring and research. Some of the key provisions of the Program are: 1) it is a continuing authority; 2) the total authorized annual funding amount is $33,170,000; and 3) the requirement for a Report to Congress every six years to evaluate the Program and document progress and its accomplishments, identify systemic habitat needs, and recommend adjustments as needed.
Published: 2/6/2019

UMRR Program - Keithsburg Division HREP - Pool 18

The Keithsburg Division of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS) Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is a 1,400-acre backwater complex located along the left descending bank of the UMRS between river miles 428.0 and 431.0.
Published: 2/6/2019

UMRR Program - Rice Lake Complex HREP - LaGrange Pool

ContactRegional Program Manager(309) Pool,
Published: 2/6/2019

Unnamed Rock Tributary, Carbon Cliff, IL - CAP Section 205

ContactProgram Carbon Cliff,
Published: 5/4/2017
Published: 2/1/2019

Upper Mississippi River Watershed Project

ContactProject Manager309-794-5690LocationUpper Mississippi River BasinDescriptionCurrently, there
Published: 8/31/2018