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Backlog of Maintenance - Major Rehabilitation and Major Maintenance – Mississippi River & Illinois Waterway Locks And Dams

The Major Rehabilitation and Major Maintenance Program for the Locks and Dams on the Mississippi River and Illinois Waterway has been ongoing since 1975. Major rehabilitation consists of reliability or efficiency improvements.
Published: 2/5/2019

Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) - Overview

The Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) evaluates and identifies preferred alternative dredged material placement site(s) using a six-step planning process and, where applicable, a matrix with six evaluation criteria: dredging cost; natural resources; beneficial use of dredged material; recreational resources; cultural resources; and social impacts.
Published: 2/5/2019

Emergency Response/Recovery Actions - Overview

The Rock Island District is prepared to provide all hazard response and recovery assistance under the authority of Public Law (PL) 84-99 and PL 93-288.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois River Basin Restoration (sec 519,WRDA 2000)

Section 519 of WRDA 2000 authorized: (1) Comprehensive Plan to develop and implement a restoration program, long-term resource monitoring program, and evaluate new technologies and innovative approaches, and (2) construction of critical restoration projects.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois River Marseilles Dam Emergency Response

Marseilles Lock is 244.6 miles above the confluence of the Illinois River with the Mississippi river at Grafton, Illinois, at the foot of Bells Island. Marseilles Dam is 2.5 miles upstream of the lock at the head of Bells Island.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois Waterway

The project includes a total of 268 river miles of 9-foot commercial navigation channel from Chicago to LaGrange Lock and Dam, near Beardstown, Illinois; with 8 locks and 7 dams.
Published: 2/5/2019

Illinois Waterway Maintenance Dredging Operations & Maintenance

In order to maintain the 9-foot navigation channel, maintenance dredging is performed at various locations in the reach of the Illinois Waterway in the Rock Island District.
Published: 2/5/2019

Peoria Illinois, Riverfront Development (Environmental Restoration)

The State of Illinois, Department of Natural Resources, is the sponsor for this project. The feasibility study phase was completed in 2003 and the Planning, Engineering, and Design (PED) Phase was initiated in Jan 2004 following receipt of state funding.
Published: 2/5/2019

Small Boat Harbors

All small boat harbor projects have a local sponsor, usually a municipality.
Published: 2/6/2019

UMRR Program - IL, IA, MO, MN, WI - Upper Mississippi River Restoration

The UMRR Program was authorized by the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 1986 and continuously authorized by WRDA 99.The program consists of two primary elements: habitat rehabilitation projects, and systemic monitoring and research. Some of the key provisions of the Program are: 1) it is a continuing authority; 2) the total authorized annual funding amount is $33,170,000; and 3) the requirement for a Report to Congress every six years to evaluate the Program and document progress and its accomplishments, identify systemic habitat needs, and recommend adjustments as needed.
Published: 2/6/2019

UMRR Program - Rice Lake Complex HREP - LaGrange Pool

ContactRegional Program Manager(309) Pool,
Published: 2/6/2019