Rock Island District Public Notices

Spring Creek Development (CEMVR-OD-P-2021-0858)

Rock Island District
Published Sept. 30, 2021
Expiration date: 10/28/2021

The applicant is proposing improvements to include an extension of Interstate Blvd., to serve a new industrial user in The Business Park at Spring Creek Lakes. A regional, consolidated detention pond is proposed in Outlot B to serve the future plat of The Business Park at Spring Creek Lakes. A portion of the proposed pond will impact existing wetlands which were recently remapped. The pond will be constructed in two phases, with the majority of wetland impacts occurring during the interim phase. The berm for the detention pond will impact a total of .95 acres of wetlands. The detention pond will detain stormwater for The Business Park at Spring Creek Lakes. To achieve the volume necessary, a portion of the existing wetlands must be impacted. Without construction of the berm in a portion of the wetlands, the adjacent lots would not be detained and therefore would be in violation of the City Stormwater Ordinance.