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Posted 11/21/2018

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Program Manager


Tazewell County, Illinois 


An opportunity exists to stabilize the Mackinaw River streambanks, Wagonseller Road Bridge, and north and south bridge approaches. 

The Mackinaw River has developed a meandering channel pattern, with the meander bends through this reach causing a significant change in the angle of flow through the Wagonseller Road Bridge. Severe scour at the north pier and streambanks have resulted, threatening the stability of that pier and the likelihood of eventually closing the road. Both abutments remain susceptible to scour even after riprap counter measures were installed by the Sponsor in 2014. The continuing meander and erosion threaten not only the Bridge, but the upstream meandering streambank and the north and south bridge approaches. Flood events in the last 2 years have caused the meander to shift even closer to the south bridge approach. The Local Sponsor is concerned that the north and south bridge approaches may be compromised and unusable very soon based on the uncertainty of when additional high flow events may occur on the Mackinaw River. The bridge is not currently on a local replacement list, but will be eligible for replacement or rehabilitation with federal bridge funding at such time as their sufficiency ratings drop to eligible levels. 

If the area is left untreated and unprotected, the Bridge abutments and approaches may be lost, resulting in the loss of an important transportation route. Wagonseller Road and Bridge serve as a primary route for local travel and commerce and as a crossing for agricultural industry. The shortest average detour route would require an additional distance of 3 miles.


Federal Interest Determination has been completed and Review Plan has been approved. The Federal Cost Share Agreement was approved in Sep 2017. The project is finishing up the feasibility report 

Additional Information 

Congressional Interest 

Senators: Richard Durbin (IL), Tammy Duckworth (IL) 

Representatives: IL-18 (Darin LaHood)


CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 14


Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost  $842,500
Estimated Non-Federal Cost $417,500
Estimated Total Project Cost $1,260,000
Allocations Prior to Current FY 2018 $100,000
Current FY 2018 Allocation $37,500
Current FY 2018 Total Capability $37,500

Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2019: A draft Feasibility Report has been completed. Following Public Review, a final Feasibility Report incorporating public comments is expected to be approved in spring 2019.