Cedar River, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Flood Risk Management

This site has been developed to provide detailed information about the Cedar River, Cedar Rapids Flood Risk Management Project including: background, current status, and timeline to completion. This website seeks to communicate the most current and accurate information concerning the project so interested parties may stay informed of the progress on this important regional flood damage reduction project.

Project Area

The city of Cedar Rapids' Comprehensive Flood Risk Management Plan consists of three main elements: east side protection, west side protection, and bridge replacements. 

Funding for a portion of the plan, the east side protection, was appropriated by Congress in 2018 as part of a Long-term Disaster Recovery Supplemental Funding package and has allowed the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, to construct the project in partnership with the city of Cedar Rapids. Protection along the east bank of the Cedar River starts on the north end of the city along McLoud Run Creek, near its intersection with Interstate-380, and runs south to where McLoud Run Creek meets the Cedar River. Then, it runs parallel with the Cedar River along the banks of Cedar Lake, through downtown, and ends at the downstream end of the Cargill manufacturing facility.

For more information on the full Comprehensive Flood Protection Plan visit Cedar Rapids' website: www.cityofcr.com/floodcontrol

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Anticipated Contracts

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** NOTE: Contracts for this project will be listed in the SAM.gov website. Click the link below to get registered and learn more.

Project Documentation

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Final Environmental Assessment (2019)

Feasibility Study Report with Integrated Environmental Assessment (2011)

For More Information

For more information on the Cedar Rapids Flood Risk Management Project, contact the Project Manager at 309-794-5690 or email cemvr-cc@usace.army.mil