Web Cameras

The Rock Island District has Web cameras that are available to the public. Please note that the image is refreshed every 60 seconds.


River Cam (Locks and Dam 15)- This camera looks at the downstream area of Locks and Dam 15 in Rock Island, Illinois, and includes a view of the rotating Government Bridge. In winter months with river traffic at a halt, it is sometimes used to view visiting Bald Eagles. This camera has in the past been affected by storms and server related issues. If the camera not working, please be patient as we are working to restoring the image as quickly as we can.

Coralville Lake - The Coralville Lake Web Camera is located at the top of the control tower for the dam at the lake in Coralville, Iowa. The angle of the camera changes with the seasons sometimes showing lake views while other times it is pointed at the outlet structure below the dam.