Planning Assistance to States and Tribes

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
Big Creek Fish Escapement Study

Big Creek Fish Escapement Study


Rock Island District


The Planning Assistance to States and Tribes (PAS&T) Program provides states, counties, local communities and Indian tribes with planning level assistance in addressing a water resources issues and planning needs. The studies generally involve the collection of data, data analysis and development of water resources management plans and other tools. The program provides the sponsor with planning level detail and information needed to support water resources management decision making by the sponsor. This program is not authorized to produce detailed plans and specifications or implement construction projects.


The Rock Island District's Planning Assistance to States and Tribes (PAS&T) Program has been very successful in assisting other agencies, states, counties, local communities, and the Sac & Fox Tribe with water resources planning.


A growing demand exists for engaging the District's technical expertise and planning capabilities to assist with: water supply, water quality, water conservation, storm water management, watershed analysis, wetlands evaluation/studies, dam safety and removal, floodplain management, flood risk reduction and harbor and port studies.

Active PAS Studies:

  1. Big Creek – Brushy Creek Fish Escapement Study - In collaboration with Iowa DNR, the USACE has initiated phase II of this study. This study is in the first year of a three-year study. This phase will 1) Identify the effects of different physical barrier configurations on escapement, 2) Determine spacing of physical barriers to fish escapement, 3) Determine effectiveness of methodology on multiple reservoir systems. The partners will refine and modify the current Big Creek fish barrier. 
  2. Nahant Marsh, Davenport, Iowa – The district is assisting the Nahant Marsh Education Center in updating their master plan. The project is looking at Natural Resources, Recreation, Ecotourism and Land use to update the master plan.

Potential New Start Project:

City of Davenport, Iowa Watershed Plan – The District is developing a scope to improve the cities management of the watershed activities.

City of Clinton, Iowa Harbor Sediment Study – The District is planning to meet with the City to study the sources of sedimentation in the boat harbor and determine if there are ways to reduce the maintenance dredging requirements within the City’s boat harbor.

Additional Information


CA - Continuing Authorities - Section 22

Summarized Project Costs

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Major Work Item Prior Fiscal Year

FY 2021: Work completed execution of a PPA and the first year of the three-year study of phase II fish escapement at Big Creek and Brushy Creek Reservoirs. The first year of the Nahant Marsh Master Plan update is also underway.

Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2022: Continue work on active projects including Nahant Marsh Master Plan update. Work with sponsors to identify and fund new work.