Repairs to Levee Systems/Flood Control Projects - Policy

Rock Island District
Published Oct. 1, 2021
Levee Repairs

Levee Repairs


Rock Island District


Corps of Engineers policy regarding repairs to levee systems and flood control projects damaged by floods is as follows:

  1. Federally constructed, locally maintained flood control systems active in the Public Law 84-99 program will be rehabilitated to pre disaster condition by the Corps of Engineers at 100 percent federal cost. Prospective repairs require a letter of request from sponsor and funding by Congress.
  2. Non-federally constructed, locally maintained systems, active in the Public Law 84-99 program, will be repaired by the Corps of Engineers to pre disaster condition at 80 percent federal/20 percent local cost share. Prospective repairs require a letter of request from sponsor and funding by Congress.
  3. Federally constructed or enhanced, locally maintained systems AND non-federally constructed or enhanced, locally maintained systems not active in the Public Law 84-99 program are not eligible for repairs by the Corps of Engineers.
  4. Active status in the Rehabilitation and Inspection program is determined by Continuing Eligibility Inspection ratings.

NOTE: Repairs can only be made to pre-disaster conditions. Public Law 84-99 funds are not authorized for improvements or enhancements.


Repair Authorization under PL 84-99 Program (Public Law 84-99; Flood and Coastal Storm Emergencies): Levee systems and/or flood control projects are authorized for repairs, if damaged by a flood event, when the levee system is active in the Corps' PL 84-99 program. To be included in the PL 84-99 program, a levee system or flood control project must be routinely inspected by the Corps of Engineers and found to meet Corps of Engineers construction standards and are maintained in a fashion that does not deter from its structural integrity.


The Rock Island District received significant flooding in 2018, 2019, and 2020. Construction is complete on 15 repair projects. There are 13 remaining projects in the District (10 under construction and 3 in design).  The active projects include East Peoria Sanitary District, Big Lake Drainage and Levee District, Bay Island Drainage and Levee District, Milan and Big Island Levee District, Union Township Drainage District, Fabius Drainage District, Coal Creek Drainage & Levee District, Hunt-Lima Drainage and Levee District, City of Hannibal, City of Canton, City of Sabula, Two Rivers Levee District, Spoon River Project No. 1, and Oakford Special Drainage District. These systems are being repaired to pre-disaster conditions under PL 84-99 Authority.  Six projects will be completed in 2021 and the remaining seven projects will be fully constructed in 2022. 

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Public Law 84-99

Summarized Project Costs

Estimated Federal Cost

$ 76,535,000

Estimated Non-Federal Cost

$ 2,176,000

Estimated Total Project Cost

$ 78,711,000

Allocations Prior to FY 2022


FY 2021 Allocation


FY 2022 Allocation


FY 2022 President's Budget

$ N/A

FY 2022 Total Capability



Major Work Item Prior Fiscal Year

FY 2021:  The district proceeded to complete construction at 15 levee systems. Construction efforts continued in 10 levee systems.  Design continued or started on 3 levee systems.

Major Work Item Current Year

FY 2022:  Finalizing contracts where construction was completed in FY 2021. Complete construction for repairs to 10 levee systems and award contracts to 3 remaining systems.  Construction administration and contract closeout will continue and be completed in FY 22.