Rock Island District Public Notices

Iowa and Illinois Department of Transportation (CEMVR-RD-2021-1590)

Rock Island District
Published Dec. 10, 2021
Expiration date: 1/8/2022

The Iowa Department of Transportation is requesting authorization to demolish the existing eastbound and westbound I-74 bridges that span the Mississippi River between Moline, Illinois and Bettendorf, Iowa. The new dual I-74 bridges, which are being constructed on a new alignment that is shifted to the east (upstream) of the existing I-74 alignment, are nearing completion, and once they are open to traffic the existing bridges will be taken out of service. The proposed project will involve the removal of all elements of the existing suspension bridges, approach spans, substructures, and all but one set of piers. The demolition of the old bridges will be let as two separate projects, IM-074-1(210)5--1382 and IM-074-1(214)5--13-82. Project (210) will provide for the removal of the existing bridges between the Bettendorf anchorage structures located on the Iowa shoreline and the Moline anchorage structure located in the middle of the river. Under Project (210), removal will include the bridge superstructures (north of the Moline anchorage), the Bettendorf anchorages, the Moline anchorage, and Piers A, B, C, and D. Project (214) will provide for the removal of the bridges from Piers E, which are located just south of the Moline anchorage structure, to Piers L, which are located along the Illinois shoreline. Under Project (214), removal will include the remaining bridge superstructures (south of the Moline anchorage) and Piers E, F, G, H, J, and L. Piers A, B, C, D and the Moline anchorages will be removed down to bedrock, whereas Piers E, F, G, H, J, and L will be removed to at least one foot below the existing mud line. The Pier K structures will remain in place in order to avoid disturbance to sensitive mussel habitat. Following demolition of the bridges, the Pier K structures will be equipped with navigational lighting.