Rock Island District Public Notices

Cramer & Associates (CEMVR-RD-2019-63)

Rock Island District
Published Dec. 2, 2022
Expiration date: 1/5/2023

The proposed project is located on a 380-acre parcel of property located between Old Portland Road and Highway 169 in Section 6, Township 78 North, Range 27 West, Dallas County, Iowa.

The Applicant has proposed to construct a new residential subdivision consisting of townhomes and single-family lots to support the expansion of the West Des Moines area. The proposed project will include utilities such as sewer and water, new roads, sidewalks, and other paths, grading for lots, several new culverts, outfall structures, bank stabilization and a new storm-water detention bason. Three crossings associated with this project have already been constructed without DA Permits.

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