Rock Island District Public Notices

Union Pacific Railroad (CEMVR-RD-2019-1371)

Rock Island District
Published April 19, 2023
Expiration date: 5/3/2023

Project Location: The project is located along the Wapsipinicon River and associated wetlands in Section 14/15, Township 81 North, Range 1 East, Clinton County, Iowa, approximately 2,450-feet southeast of the intersection of 235th Street and 142nd Avenue near the town of Wheatland.

Project Description: The proposed project includes the removal and replacement of an existing railroad bridge across the Wapsipinicon River at Milepost 33.31 on the Clinton Subdivision. The proposed replacement bridge will occupy the same general footprint as the existing bridge. Dimensions of the new structure will be approximately 376.5-feet in length by 36-feet in width. Temporary bridges will be constructed to the north and south of the existing bridge for construction equipment access and will be removed upon project completion. An existing roadway off of US Highway 30 will be used, however, it will be permanently widened to accommodate vehicle and construction equipment access. Equipment/material staging will be located in a fallow agricultural field located to the southwest of the bridge. Construction of the new bridge will include temporary cofferdams, grading, and the installation of two new piers as support structures. Impacts from this project include approximately 0.098-acres of permanent stream impact from pier construction and 1.29-acres of temporary stream impact from construction and temporary bridges. Permanent impacts to adjacent wetlands will include 3.0total acres. Of this 3.0-acres, 2.45-acres of forested wetland will be temporarily impacted by construction and converted to emergent wetland after project completion. Though temporary, this conversion will be counted as a permanent impact due to the loss of functions and services. The remaining 0.55-acres of forested wetland will be permanently affected by fill material and will not be converted to another type of wetland following the project. Temporary impacts to additional emergent and scrub-shrub wetlands will include approximately 4.25-acres. These disturbed areas will be returned to pre-construction conditions following completion of the project.

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