Rock Island District Public Notices

Springfield Supplement Water Supply and Aquatic Recreation Project (CEMVR-OD-P-2016-0095)

Rock Island District
Published Aug. 9, 2023
Expiration date: 9/25/2023

The proposed project is located southeast of the existing Lake Springfield and north of Pawnee, Illinois in Section 31 of Rochester Township (see attached map). The proposed earthen dam is located on Horse Creek, approximately 2.3 miles southwest of the confluence of Horse Creek and the South Fork of the Sangamon River. The project area, including the inundation area and surrounding uplands, is expected to be approximately 7,983 acres and lies between Old Route 66 to the west, Cardinal Hill Road to the east, and Carroll Street in Pawnee, Illinois to the South. It is estimated that 71.1 acres of wetland habitat and 241,217 linear feet of stream habitat are potentially jurisdictional waters and are located within the project area.

The District Engineer, U.S. Army Engineer District, Rock Island, Illinois is announcing the availability of the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) for the City of Springfield (City), City, Water, Light & Power (CWLP) and is evaluating a Department of the Army permit application from CWLP. Permits are issued under Section 404 of the Clean Water Act (Section 404), which regulates the placement of dredge or fill material in the nation’s waters.

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