Rock Island District Public Notices

Illinois Department of Transportation replacing of bridge along IL 100 over Kerton Creek, Seahorn Drainage and Levee District, Bath, Fulton County, IL (Public Notice ID #2023-0038)

USACE Rock Island District
Published Sept. 6, 2023
Expiration date: 9/21/2023

REQUESTER: In compliance with 33 U.S.C 408 (Section 14 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899; hereinafter Section 408), The Illinois Department of Transportation (IL DOT) has requested permission to modify the Seahorn Drainage and Levee District (D&LD) Levee, an existing federally authorized flood risk management project in Fulton County, Illinois.

LOCATION: The proposed project involves the Seahorn D&LD located on the right descending (west) bank of Otter Creek about 0.7 miles upstream from its confluence with the Illinois River. The proposed project location is the bridge carrying IL 100 over Kerton Creek and the Seahorn D&LD, approximately 7 miles south of U.S. Route 136. 

REQUESTER’S PROPOSED ACTION: The proposed project would consist of installing a field access road along the Seahorn D&LD, the removal and replacement of the bridge carrying IL 100 over Kerton Creek, the Seahorn D&LD, and the relocation of North Kerton Creek Road.

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