Emergency Management


Advance Measures

Advance measures prior to predicted flooding consist of those activities performed to protect against loss of life and damage to improved property from flooding. There must be an imminent threat of flooding present before advance measures can be considered. The threat must be of a nature that if action is not taken immediately, damages will be incurred.

Type of Assistance Provided by the Corps
  • Strengthening of Federal and non-Federal flood control structures.
  • Construction of temporary levees to protect life and improved property. Removal of these structures is a local responsibility.
  • Channel clearance and dredging of Federal projects to restore original design capacity.
  • Relieving threat of flooding from possible dam failures by dewatering the impoundment, controlled breaching or strengthining of the structure.
Criteria for Corps of Engineers Assistance
  • An imminent threat of unusual flooding must exist. The threat must be established by National Weather Service forecasts or by Corps determinations of unusual flooding from adverse conditions.
  • A written request from the governor for Corps assistance is required. Request must be technically feasible and economically justified.
  • Advance measures assistance will be in support of state and local on-going or planned efforts. Non-Federal interests must commit all available resources. (i.e., manpower, supplies, equipment, funds, etc.)
How to Obtain Help

Contact your local political representatives so they may inform the state governor's office.