Technical Services Branch provides Engineering Services in three primary mission areas: Ordinance and Explosives, Cost and Specifications, and Survey. The branch also provides AE contract support capability, including review, coordination and documentation of all phases of the selection board process, proposal review, negotiations, and contract award.
The Ordnance and Explosives Engineering Section provides preliminary and final designs for environmental restoration/rehabilitation/remediation projects under Military appropriations.  The section manages the Defense Environmental Restoration Program including debris removal, Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste, and military munitions response, and provides technical support and design capability for hazardous and toxic materials projects. Also performs research for historical documentation pertaining to military munitions and chemical warfare material use, production, storage and disposal at national, state, and local archives and other repositories.  
The Cost Engineering and Specifications Section prepares solicitations for bids covering contract procurement under formal contract and specifications for construction and supply contracts.  This section prepares all independent government estimates for each Civil Works construction project contract and for each proposed contract modification.
The Survey Section provides topographic, control, cadastral, route, geodetic, photogrammetric, construction layout, property boundary, earthwork, structural alignment, and special engineering survey work for the accomplishment of engineering designs and studies. The section designs, compiles, and processes all real estate planning maps, segment or preliminary project maps, topographic maps, final project maps and individual land tract plats. 

Engineering and Construction Division
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