Nonstructural Mobile Information Collection Application (MICA) Illinois Demonstration Project 2015

Time is precious during flood events and other disasters (tornado, earthquake, etc.). This demonstration project will have the necessary components to identify lead times, evacuation plans, quantities, equipment, materials, and personnel to respond to a flood event thereby shifting limited resources from planning to implementation.  As a result it is expected that this pilot will reduce future flood damages and improve life safety.  The methodology developed in this pilot will be documented and can be used as the framework for other pilots/projects in similar communities across the nation. 

This Silver Jackets pilot project provides the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA) and the Department of Natural Resources, Office of Water Resources (IDNR-OWR) personnel log-in access to MICA (mobile information collection application).  The pilot project will leverage MICA (mobile information collection application), which was developed by the USACE Information Technology Lab (ITL) as a part of the Flood Fight 2011. 

We appreciate your interest, questions, and comments.

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MICA Questions/Comments and Answers

1.      Question: Can other data/past photos, etc. be uploaded into the server?

No, not at this time.

2.      Question: Can GIS collectors can be synced?

Only within the MICA system and between collector devices.

3.      Question: Can we sketch on the picture?

 The currently MICA Version 2.0 does not have this capability. MICA Version 3.0 will include this feature.  The beta version was scheduled to be released in March but should be available soon.

4.      Question: Can we sort points by date and category to see what happened yesterday?

This information can be added using the smart play list [located at the upper right hand corner of the screen]. The Rock Island District is attempting this and will provide progress updates.

5.      Question: Can we map to a point, to send someone from the office to a point in the field to inspect?

Using the built-in ‘find’ feature this can be accomplished.

6.      Question:  Is it possible to edit from the device and from the web app. 

Yes, more information to be posted soon.

7.      Question:  Is there a folder for critical infrastructure?

Yes, a critical infrastructure category has been added.  Please contact us if you have additional categories you would like added or edited.

8.      Question: Can you ensure urgent points are a different color and can be sent as notification to others logged in that they exist? 

Yes, using a smart list [double click will take you to a map]. The Rock Island District is attempting to add a smart list process to the right hand side of the MICA website map (double << icon).  We could make a separate “urgent” category so the points show up a different color.  At this time, it is not possible to send auto notification to someone’s e-mail.

9.      Question: Can FEMA/IEMA damage assessment forms be integrated [tornado, earthquake, etc.]?

ERDC is adding a form for this.  [It may need to be segregated by community] In the point ID suggest we develop a naming convention before use.

10.   Question: Is it possible to change device setting from meters to standard/English units?

The current MICA Version 2.0 does not have this capability. MICA Version 3.0 will include this feature.

11.   Question: Can substantial damage estimating software be added to this device/interactive w/MICA

If you add a Gmail account, you can download android apps or software. Associate the apps with that Gmail account.  Instructions can be generated if needed.  Note that any apps purchased will be charged to YOUR Gmail account, not ERDC’s, and ERDC will wipe your account when the devices are returned.

12.   Question: Can direction picture was taken and geo-location be saved to computer and shown on the picture? 

Only by manually adding to the picture’s description this information.

13.   Question: Standardized ice jam flooding collection categories (type of ice, location & cause of jam, etc)

We are checking w/ the USACE Subject Matter Experts at CRREL.