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Coralville Lake offers a variety of education programs that can be conducted both on site and in the classroom.

Field trips - Your students can visit Coralville Lake and enjoy a nature hike, experience the devonian fossil gorge or check out the exhibits in the nature center, plus more.

  • Visitor Center - Students can watch a video in the theater showing the Flood of 2008 and explore the exhibits in the Visitor Center
  • Nature Trail Hike - Enjoy a hike through Coralville Lake's beautiful Woodpecker Nature Trail. Depending on availability, a ranger may lead the hike, or it can be led by the teacher instead. Topics covered during the hike range from plant identification to forest succession. Guide brochures are available for this hike. On this short half-mile walk, your students will not just walk through nature, they will experience it. 
  • Devonian Fossil Gorge - Join a park ranger for a walk back in time, back to a time before dinosaurs existed, back over 350 million years ago. Frozen in time and preserved in the limestone bedrock is a sea floor from the Devonian Age. You will be guided through the Devonian Fossil Gorge Entry Plaza and on down into the gorge itself where you will learn about the seas and ancient creatures that once flourished in the area we now call Iowa.

Classroom Programs - Park Rangers are available to come to your classroom to bring their classroom to yours. Programs can be 30-60 minutes in length and can be tailored to meet your learning objectives. Park Rangers are available to help you plan your field trip, visit your classroom and share their knowledge. Send an email to or by call (319) 338-3543 ext. 6308.

Educational Resources - Coralville Lake has numerous resources that are available to be checked out to use in your classrooms including movies and fossil kits. To checkout a kit please contact Park Rangers at or call (319) 338-3543 ext. 6308. Information required for checkout includes name, school name and address, school email address, and telephone contant information.

  • Movies - Amazing Animals Series (VHS) and Eyewitness Series (VHS)
  • Fossil Kits - 3 different kits are available that include different variations of the fossils found in the Devonian Fossil Gorge. Options include Kit A:1 large Crinoid (large flat rock), 1 Colonial Coral, 5 Horn Corals, 3 Brachiopods; Kit B: 1 Crinoid (flat rock), 4 Brachiopods, 7 Horn Corals, 1 Large Horn Coral, 1 Large Colonial Coral; Kit C: 1 large of Crinoid pieces, 2 large Colonial Corals