Mississippi River Project Master Plan

The Mississippi River Project Master Plan guides public use and management on 11 Corps operated campgrounds, 22 Corps managed day use areas, and approximately 60,000 acres of federal lands from Guttenberg, Iowa, to Saverton, Missouri, for environmental stewardship and recreational purposes.

Master Plans are a vital tool to guide the responsible stewardship and management of public lands administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The Master Plans for each Civil Works Project provide the direction for appropriate land management regarding the use, development, enhancement, protection, and conservation of the natural, cultural, and man-made resources at these project lands.

It is important to note that this plan does not cover the technical aspects of navigation (locks, dams and associated infrastructure), flood risk management projects (such as levees and floodwalls), Mississippi River water level management, dredging and channel maintenance, or environmental restoration (such as the Upper Mississippi River Restoration Program).

Public involvement in the Master Plan revision process is critical and has helped us gain a clearer understanding of the river and its many uses. Click on the links below to view the draft revised documents.


Shoreline Management Plan

The Mississippi River Project is also currently revising the 1989 Shoreline Management Plan (SMP).  For more information, please visit the Shoreline Management Plan page. 

For additional information on the current approved plans, master planning process, Mississippi River Project, or the recreation, forestry, or shoreline management sections please visit each of their links on the right of this screen.


Revised Mississippi River Master Plan

Project Video

Click the image below to view an overview of the Mississippi River Project and its mission areas.

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