Saylorville Lake


Beach Information

 Sandpiper Beach - OPEN


 Oak Grove Beach - OPEN

Swimming at Saylorville Lake

Saylorville Lake has two swimming beaches. Sandpiper beach is located on the north end of the lake at Sandpiper Recreation Area just outside Polk City and Oak Grove Beach is located on the East side of the lake  just off of Hwy 415. All of Saylorville’s designated beaches are alcohol free and zoned for safe swimming areas. Running water is provided at each of the access points and restroom facilities are available at both areas when open. Sandpiper additionally has a changing facility for its users.  Both of the lake’s beaches sport a tree of life, where users may grab a personal floatation jacket and use it to aid in swimming. Swing on out and enjoy a relaxing day in the waters of Saylorville Lake.


Bus or commercial vehicle $20

Private vehicle $5

Walk-in or Bicycle:

     Adults (16 years of age and older) $2.00 

     Children (under 16) Free

Life Jacket Loaner Station



At Sandpiper Beach, Oak Grove Beach and the Saylorville Lake Marina you will find these life Jacket Loaner Stations.  These jackets are free of charge for use at the beach or on the water.  There are 3 different sized jackets available: child, youth and infant.  Choose the jacket that fits your child correctly and simply return it to the station when you leave!