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This program allows the Corps of Engineers to plan, design, and construct smaller projects under existing program authorities in place from Congress. The potential cost-share sponsor must request the Corps of Engineers to investigate potential water or land related resource issues that might fit the program. Once the Corps of Engineers determines that the project fits the program, the District can request funds to initiate a planning process to determine Federal interest in proceeding with the project. The planning process is done in two phases – reconnaissance and feasibility.

There are three ecosystem restoration authorities within this program:

Purpose  Types of Projects  Authority Feasibility Phase (Cost Share Federal/Non-Federal) Implementation Phase (Cost Share Federal/Non-Federal)  Federal Project Limit
Project Modifications for Improvements to the Environment Modifications to Corps structures, operations, or implementation of measures in affected areas Section 1135 of Water Resources Development Act of 1986, as amended 100% / 0% for initial $100,000; 50% / 50% remaining cost 75% / 25% $10 Million
Beneficial Use of Dredge Materials  Creation of aquatic and wetland habitats in conjunction with construction or maintenance dredging of Federal Navigation Projects  Section 204 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1992 100% / $0 65% / 35%  $10 Million
Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Manipulation of the hydrology in and along bodies of water, including wetlands and riparian areas Section 206 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1996 100% / 0% for initial $100,000; 50% / 50% remaining cost  65% / 35% $10 Million