Saylorville Lake Outflow Will Affect Des Moines River Levels

Published Nov. 28, 2018

Saylorville Lake Outflow will Affect Des Moines River Levels


The water level at Saylorville Lake has been receding after summer rainfall in the Des Moines River watershed. High water levels have deposited a large amount of debris on the shoreline, the dam and the control tower. Saylorville Lake maintenance staff will be working on removing debris starting Wednesday, November 28th. To perform this work safely, the control tower gates will be closed Wednesday through Thursday from 8:00 am to approximately 3:30 pm each day. This will reduce the outflow to nearly zero causing the Des Moines River levels to lower drastically. During low outflows, more hazards are visible and it is advised to be extra careful on and near the water.


Park Rangers will advise visitors near the river in Bob Shetler and Cottonwood Recreation Areas when the gates will reopen and the water level will rise. At this time, the water level rises rapidly and is very dangerous. Please gather belongings and move to higher ground immediately when you hear sirens and/or see rangers advising visitors.  

 Lake level information and predictions can be accessed at  Saylorville Lake is in the Rock Island District, Des Moines River Basin.


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