Saylorville Lake “No Motorized Vessel Zone”

Published April 15, 2015

Johnston, Iowa - There is a new boating policy on Saylorville Lake for 2015.  This policy is for a seasonal; “No Motorized Vessel Zone” north of the Mile Long Bridge, in the very shallow upper reaches of the reservoir, locally identified as the “mud flats” from April 1st to August 31st during periods of near normal conservation pools (below 840’ NGVD).  Non motorized vessels are allowed and Iowa’s State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) data supports the growing popularity of kayaking in central Iowa.  These vessels are allowed to boat within this “no-wake” “no motorized vessel zone” and separating these small crafts from large power boats should further enhance safe boating on the reservoir.  Kayaks and canoes can easily operate in shallow water conditions and enjoy a safer open water experience in an enjoyable setting.  This policy was brought about from public input and research conducted during Saylorville Lake Project, Master Plan Revision.  The Master Plan Revision was conducted over a 3 year period and was finalized in January 2015.  The “mud flats” are a shallow water island complex, listed as a sensitive area in the master plan and is the largest contributor to Saylorville Lake’s globally significant designation as a bird conservation area by the American Bird Conservancy. The area is posted with buoys and sign placard buoys.  The zone represents approximately 1,400 surface acres; 600 acres of shallow island complex and 800 acres of shallow waters less than 2 feet in depth.  Contrary to misinformation, this wildlife sanctuary zone does not include all waters north of the Mile Long Bridge.  The marked “no motorized vessel zone” starts approximately 2,000 yards North of the Mile Long Bridge. During periods of flood storage of 840’ NGVD elevation and rising, this motorized vessel restriction may be lifted until the lake returns to conservation pool.


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