Rice Lake, Illinois, Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Project

Rock Island District


Rice Lake is a backwater complex located 24 miles southwest of Peoria, Illinois, in Fulton County on the right descending bank of the Illinois Waterway. It covers over 6,000 acres of land. The project lands are state owned and are managed by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources as a fish and wildlife area. Increased flood and sedimentation levels have resulted in degradation of what has historically acted as excellent mid-migration waterfowl and aquatic habitat. The lack of reliable and flexible water management capability over much of the project area severely limits its effectiveness in providing feeding and resting habitat for the 2.7 million annual waterfowl that pass through this location. In addition, habitat degradation has negatively affected the other migratory and resident species locally.

Quick Facts

  • Congressional District: Illinois - 17
  • State(s) Covered: Illinois
  • Land Ownership: State of Illinois
  • Management Agency: Illinois Department of Natural Resources
  • Management Authority: State Conservation Area